Video: Work In Progress Fireside Chat with Ron

One of the great opportunities that SRT offers is experimental space, i.e. a stage to try out things that might not work out well. After all, every effective approach is the byproduct of all the failures that preceded it. That’s the definition of success.

For a number of years, I’ve thought to use the “fireside chat” format for a meaningful speech. Especially if the material is weighty. Circumstances provided me with material, so I gave it a try. I learned a few things from the experiment and the feedback.

One of our female members pointed out that when I sit with my legs wide, as I did often, it’s probably ineffective. I had no idea, so a great lesson learned. Another member encouraged me to try an even wider range of material using this format, and I struck upon an idea to borrow from an old form known as Chatauqua for my next attempt. And still more feedback proposed that it might work even better if I alternate sitting and standing. 

So for my next try, I’ve got three vignettes, each separated by a segue where I’ll move from sitting to standing to sitting. And I decide to vary my material with humor, drama and entertainment. 

We’ll see how it goes. The secret to learning is in trying things that are new, and possibly uncomfortable.

Ronald Chapman