Shannon Kraiger on D44 Talk Radio

Shannon Kraiger makes an appearance on D44 Talk Radio to discuss how SRT’s Coaching model can be of great benefit to speakers as they hone their speeches. The direct response to the many elements of a speaker’s “performance” that can lend greatest impact to their delivery, message, and audience connection has helped numerous speakers adopt compounding good habits in their speaking skills. This is also how we help visiting speakers prepare themselves and their material for competitions.

If you are a speaker looking for some high level coaching and want to practice or experiment with your material and style then we would love to host you as a guest. Send us an email and we can coordinate a time in our upcoming agenda.

From the original post:

“Shannon Kraiger DTM believes that evaluations delivered by fellow Toastmasters in her multiple clubs has given her the core foundation she needs to explore and develop her God-given talent for public speaking and leadership. She uses her Toastmasters skills daily in her personal and professional life when she communicates with clients, mentors new members or prepares for contests. Shannon's achievements include growing into a proficient and formidible speech contest competitor. She has delivered winning contest speeches in Table Topics, Evaluations and International speech contests at all levels, Club, Area, Division and District 44 over the last several years - and she is not through yet! Find out how Evaluations might help you achieve your dreams in this not to be missed conversation between Shannon and show host Rick Sheninger.”

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