2019 District 44 International Speech Contest: Shannon Kraiger

You may have watched a speaker on the stage and wonder how they prepared for their speech. Where did this idea come from? How did they write it and then practice the speech? What sort of help did they get before they walked on to the stage? How long did they practice before they delivered the speech?

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How to Be More Persuasive

One day the Sun and Wind got into an argument over who was stronger. The Wind spotted a man walking down the road, wearing a jacket. They decided that whoever could get the jacket off the man must surely be the strongest. The Wind went first; he blew and blew in an attempt to remove the jacket. But the harder the Wind blew, the tighter the man held on to his jacket. Next, it was the Sun’s turn. The Sun gradually warmed the man, until he was so warm he willingly took off his jacket.

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Storytelling as a Mentoring Tool

Storytelling as a mentoring tool has been around forever… well, I say that because there’s a Biblical record of the prophet Nathan telling Kind David the story of two men, a rich dude and a poor dude, and about the rich dude took something precious from the poor dude which enraged David… and then Nathan dropped the moral of the story on David, that he was the rich man. The story was the vehicle to demonstrate for David why he was in the wrong… and if you know the story, you know he was DEFINITELY in the wrong – like adultery and murder wrong!

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Kelly Vandever
How to Conquer the Fear of Public Speaking

Tackling the fear of public speaking is the same as stepping into the gym for the first time. You walk into a room full of strangers who all seem to know what they are doing and they make it all look and sound so simple. “These people are experts on everything”, you might say to yourself at first blush, but all of these people have the same thing in common with you; they all started from zero just like you. 

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Shannendoah Gallagher